Nubuck is a top-grain cattle leather. Like suede, it is sanded to create a smooth surface.

The difference is that suede is made from the inside of skin, while nubuck is made from the outside which is stronger and more durable.
Nubuck is very vulnerable to dirt and stains. Suede and nubuck need to be cleaned and protected with tools and products specifically designed for its care.


Periodically clean the entire surface of your shoes or boots with a rubber brush to remove dirt and shiny stains.


Wrap your shoes in the sponge. Wipe the leather in several directions to make sure it is clean on all sides. Try this option if the leather is too dirty to be wipe clean and if you need to apply more force


Remove dirt with circular motions of brush, making sure not to stay more than a few seconds in the same area. You must do this regularly to keep the leather in good condition.


Clean large dirty areas by covering them with a special dry cleaning spray, and then wiping the surface with a small cloth. After removing the dirt and when leather is dry, use a cloth or brush to scrub the remaining dirt again.


Remove grease from your shoes with a degreaser followed by a leather cleaner. Once dry, brush the leather with a cloth or brush.


If all of the above fail and your REBECO boots are still stained, they can be easily sanded.

Ideally, use a soft pumice stone* that is, the texture of a common rock.

The top layers will fall off and it will look newer. After using the stone, some will need to be sanded evenly. This process will take about 10 minutes per pair of shoes.


The best way to keep your Rebeco Boots clean is to apply a spray protector at least every 6 months. Spray on the protector, and give the leather time to fully dry before wearing.

If the boots are dirty, clean the leather first and then apply the protector.

Consider purchasing a brush with wire bristles in the center and nylon bristles all around. Use the nylon bristles for gentle brushing and the wire bristles when you need a stronger brushing.


Never try to clean the shoes with water

Be careful with the brush – you may destroy the upper part of the leather if you brush it too hard or too long over a single area.

See our cleaning videos